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Announcing the ART Team Lunchtime Seminars

DigitalScholarUniverseImage from The British Library Flickr, used under CC license

Beginning on Wednesday 4th March, ART will be presenting a programme of lunchtime sessions to share knowledge about Digital Scholarship. The sessions will be an hour long, running 1pm-2pm. We will be covering some of the topics that we identified of interest to researchers and people working with researchers through our recent survey on Digital Scholarship skills. The programme is complimentary to the Social Scholar sessions, already being run by the School of Advanced Studies, and is also being run on a monthly basis.

The programme will cover –

Wednesday 5th March – Open Access

Wednesday 2nd April – Planning for Preservation

Wednesday 7th May – Blog Preservation

Wednesday 4th June – How to publish an Ebook

The sessions will begin with an overview of the topic for that day, putting it into context of current Digital Scholarship activity in the UK, Europe and beyond. We will also have a range of speakers, who will be providing a mix of practical advice and different perspectives on the topics. Speakers will be drawn from within the  School of Advanced Studies (SAS) and from other institutions and organisations who are involved in the areas under discussion.

The  first session will be on Open Access- what it is, how it started, and what its current role is in the academic research in the UK. We will then be looking at some of the specifics of how and why the School of Advanced Studies here at the University of London is engaging with Open Access, and what this means for SAS researchers. Finally, we will hear about Open Access from the procurement perspective, with a view of how Jisc Collections are working in this area. There will be time for questions to all speakers, and all the presentations will be available online after each session.

If you want to find out more about Open Access, have questions about how it relates to your own work or want to know more about rights management and open scholarship, please come along.

We will be publishing a more detailed breakdown of each session, including speakers and specific talks, here on the blog over the next few weeks, so please check back for updates.

All of the Digital Scholar sessions are free to attend and open to all researchers and those who work with and support researchers in SAS, the University of London and elsewhere.

For more information, please contact Stephanie Taylor –

Follow us on Twitter – @digitalarchives


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