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New DPTP Programme – launching our first new course


We’re delighted to be opening bookings for the first course in our new DPTP programme. The course is a one-day course, ‘DPTP: Digitisation – from project management to access‘, and it will be held here in Senate House, London, on 27th September 2016.

The course will cover the basics of digitisation, from the initial planning through project management to protecting and preserving the resulting digital assets for the long term. It explores preparation, project management, equipment/outsourcing, workflows and policies. It will also look at metadata, copyright and licensing, and managing access to the digitised content.

The course grew out of a very successful course that we ran as an on-site course for the University of Salford. The original course was very well-received, and information from our training needs survey  showed that digitisation is still a very hot topic for people in our community today, so we worked on revising  the content to bring it up-to-date for 2016.

However, we decided to leave unchanged the successful one-day format. From our survey, we knew that one day is the most popular length for face-to-face courses for almost everyone who responded,  as they offer a realistic amount of time away from the office, archive and library for busy delegates. The one-day format is the standard in our new programme, to support the preferences expressed by the digital preservation community for a range of diverse, specialist,  shorter courses.

We hope you find the course useful, and do look out for the launch of more courses in our new programme very soon.

For details of the full programme for the day and to book a place, see our booking page.

DPTP: Web Archiving 101 Course

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Yesterday we ran our first ever one-day course in a specialist area of digital preservation – Web Archiving 101. We looked at all aspects of web archiving, and had a great group of people attending. Our Storify from the day gives a flavour of some of the topics we covered, and some of the wider discussions around them.

Thanks to Dr Peter Webster of Webster Research & Consultancy who shared his expert knowledge on all aspects of web archiving, including a really useful researcher/user perspective.  Thanks also to Sarah Day Thomson of the Digital Preservation Coalition who gave a really useful insight into the archiving of social media, based on the research work she is currently undertaking in this area. And of course a huge thanks to all the participants, both in the room and on Twitter, who came with lots of questions, case studies and contributions.