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KB file format guides

I was pleased the DCC news feed alerted me to a new publication by the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Alternative File Formats for Storing Master Images of Digitisation Projects. Particularly as on the KB publications page are also links to two other recent reports Evaluating File Formats for Long-term Preservation and Recommendations for the creation of PDF files for long-term preservation and access. These look like excellent resources for wrestling with the gnarly issue of file formats. It can be hard to find one’s way among the many reports and papers circulating on all aspects of DP – as I found out working on the SPeLOs report, at the busy intersection of E-learning and Digital Preservation. For file formats issues, at least, these very recent KB publications look like a good place to start. I only hope I get time soon to read them thoroughly.

It occurred to me that the blog is the perfect place to invite any passing readers to suggest other key readings, so if you know of any other recent, authoritative work in file formats, please leave a link in the comments box below.

3rd International Digital Curation Conference

I’m writing this shortly after realising that I left it too late to book a place at the 3rd International Digital Curation Conference in Washington DC. The two previous events, in Bath and Glasgow, were excellent in every respect: well organised, a diverse range of papers from a variety of perspectives, and stimulating discussion. I got a taste of what this year’s conference will offer since I was lucky enough to be part of the review panel for papers submitted to the conference. Two have stuck in my mind as having particular relevance for us:

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